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At Mandalay Optical, we know you serve a wide variety of patients. That’s why we make a wide variety of lenses. Purchase the following kinds of lenses from us and enjoy incredible savings without sacrificing the quality your patients expect and deserve.

These digitally-surfaced progressive lenses use a softer design in the distance periphery to improve dynamic peripheral vision, while using a harder design in the near periphery to give the wearer a wider field of vision.

These variations on our digital progressive lenses are made with digital freeform surfacing. By adjusting the inset, we’ve also given these lenses increased performance and flexibility for the wearer.

These lenses use precise freeform technology to cut lenses for each individual wearer’s eyes and specific needs. The Alpha Series is more than a lens design—it offers extreme precision and performance for each person who wears it.

This innovative design is intended to reduce visual fatigue and help your eyes rest while reading, working, or playing video games. These lenses can also be highly personalized for each wearer, due to our Digital Ray-Path technology.

These lenses offer some of our best value ever (and that’s saying something). They represent an optimal choice for patients seeking a light wearing experience. We offer conventional lenses in the following styles:

  • Single vision lenses
  • Bifocal lenses
  • Trifocal lenses
  • Progressive lenses

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