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Our signature lenses bring you the best of both worlds: dependable, high-quality lenses with low costs that help you keep turning a profit. Visit our products page to learn more about the many varieties of in-house lenses we produce.

Lens wearers looking for higher performance and flexibility will gravitate towards the Mandalay + line of lenses. These in-house lenses use digital freeform cutting technology to provide exceptional vision for patients.

Our Alpha Series lenses are cut specifically for each individual wearer’s eyes, offering an incredibly rewarding vision experience. Find solutions for digital device users, outdoor progressive lenses, and much more.

Transitions lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions, darkening in bright conditions to protect your eyes.

Varilux lenses are designed to provide clearer vision at a wide range of distances. Patented W.A.V.E. technology even also helps eliminate the blurriness and low-light problems that some people report while wearing other progressive lenses.

Varilux Comfort lenses use Flex Optim technology to increase a wearer’s useful zone of vision by as much as 46%. Wearing these lenses is intended to help a patient see a given focal point clearly from a wide variety of different angles.

These lenses were designed for presbyopic patients with dynamic lifestyles. They offer a more seamless transition when shifting focus between different distances, and are optimized for each individual wearer’s prescription with digital surfacing technology.

Varilux’s best lenses offer sharp vision and smooth transitions at any distance. They also use patented Xtend technology to extend the wearer’s near vision to approximately arm’s length, effectively eliminating the need to tilt or angle the head to find focus.

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