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Our Quest to Provide Better Lenses for Independent Practices

The idea behind Mandalay Optical began when Dr. Scott Colonna and Dr. John Ormando teamed up to bring their vision to the world—literally. Both men realized that the increasing cost of lab goods was eating into the profit margins of independent practice owners. They decided to fight this trend by producing lenses for their own patients at a reduced cost.

Before long, word spread about what the pair were doing and requests started pouring in for them to service other practices. Mandalay Optical was officially established in 2011—and we’ve been producing our own lenses ever since.

Today, we provide independent optometry practices with high-quality lenses at unbeatable prices. Our products cut out profit-busting corporations and help practice owners save an average of 20%-70% on lens products. These savings make it easier for practice owners to grow their businesses so they can keep serving their communities effectively.

Our Philosophy

Mandalay Optical Lab is all about protecting independent private practitioners. We work hard to create and maintain positive relationships with all of our clients because we believe that practice owners need to stick together.

Our philosophy also extends beyond our immediate clients. As proud members of the We Care family, we believe that community and teamwork are fundamental to providing meaningful care for others and strive to uphold these values in every interaction.

Our Mission

Our highest purpose is to create a unique family experience through genuine care and personal service

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Dr. Scott Colonna


Dr. John Ormando

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  • 905 Westminster St
  • Providence, RI 02903 USA

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